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On 26 February 2015, the Bioinformatics Exploratory Committee that examines technologies for bioinformatics in RIKEN decided to close the RIKEN SciNetS service after two months of database transition period from April 2015. All databases on SciNetS has been carefully determined by the Database working group and the databases needed to be periodically published are confirmed that they were transferred and published on RIKEN’s new database infrastructure called “RIKEN Meta Database”. Thus, the RIKEN SciNetS service will be closed on 1st June 2015. Please use the RIKEN Meta Database( that is developed to promote further contribution in data distribution among researchers so that RIKEN’s research results are widely used.

RIKEN Advanced Center for Computing and Communication
The integrated databases of mammals in RIKEN is developed to secure sustainability, accessibility, utility and publicity of the data produced from multiple large-scale programs that has been promoted by RIKEN. The database integrates not only RIKEN’s original databases (represented with bold characters), but also imported public databases and ontologies as represented below.
Classifications Databases Number of data points
Genome segment and gene in mammal Gene in human EntrezGene Human 42515
HUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee 29385
Human Ensembl Gene 66234
Gene in mouse EntrezGene Mouse 67334
Mouse Ensembl Gene 37077
Mouse MGI Gene 37158
Gene in rat Rn_RGD 39818
Rat Ensembl Gene 30941
Gene in dog Dog Ensembl Gene 23550
Gene in chimpanzee Chimpanzee Ensembl Gene 24933
Allele in mammal Allele in mouse MGI Allele 72249
RIKEN ENU-induced allele in mouse 342
Allele in human RAPID Mutation 196
Transcript in mammal Transcript in human RefSeq Human_mRNA 43561
Transcript in mouse RefSeq Mouse_mRNA 40871
Protein in mammal Protein in human RefSeq Human_Protein 37861
PDB in human 15388
Protein in mouse RefSeq Mouse_Protein 35703
PDB in mouse 2839
Strain resource in mammal Mouse strain MGI_Strain 24981
BRC Mouse Strain 5406
RIKEN ENU-induced mouse line (in BRC) 357
Cell line resource in mammal Hybrid cell in mammal Hybridoma in RIKEN BRC 135

Cell line in primate
Cell line in human
Cell line analyzed in FANTOM 4 28
Human cell lines distributed from RIKEN BRC 1095
Cell line in marmoset Marmoset ES cell line in RIKEN BRC 1
Cell line in Chimpanzee Chimpanzee cell line in RIKEN 2
Cell line in Old World monkey monkey cell line in RIKEN BRC 17

Cell line in rodent
Cell line in mouse
MGI ES cell line 173
Mouse Cell lines distributed from RIKEN 2149
Cell line in hamster hamster cell line in RIKEN BRC 52
Cell line in rat rat cell line in RIKEN BRC 152
Cell line in rabbit rabbit cell line in RIKEN BRC 9
Cell line in suncus suncus cell line in RIKEN BRC 1
Cell line in bovine bovine cell line in RIKEN BRC 9
Cell line in pig pig cell line in RIKEN BRC 3
Cell line in dog dog cell line in RIKEN BRC 2
Cell line in cat Cat cell line in RIKEN BRC 1
Cell line in mink mink cell line in RIKEN BRC 3
Cell line in elephant elephant cell line in RIKEN BRC 2
Phenotype in mammal mammalian phenotype 7723
Human phenotype Organ abnormality 9523
Disease OMIM 19889
Anatomical part in mammal Anatomical part of human Anatomical entity 78978
Anatomical part of mouse Normal anatomiocal entity in mouse organ system 2882
adult mouse 2882
anatomic region 2882
body fluid or substance 2882
pathological anatomical entity 644
Experimental data with mammalian sample Experimental data with mouse sample Annotation of Phenotype Data Annotation of Phenotype Data in Europhenome 764
Annotation of phenotype data in JMC 222
Annotation of Phenotype Data 986
Statistical data in mouse phenotyping analyses Statistics data in Europhenome 764
Statistics data in JMC 103
Statistics 764
Gene expression data with mouse sample CDT-DB 45573
SSBC diffraction data in mouse 11
Biodata repository 2
Experimental data with human sample Gene expression data with human sample / FANTOM4 Data Analyzed_Data 20
Primary_Data 404
Raw_Data 13
Tag_Counts 141
Mapping_Data 114
Edge Express DB 39971
Gene expression data with human sample Biodata repository 1
SSBC diffraction data in human 28
Mammalian Orthologous group Ensembl Mammalian Ortholog 20815
MGI RGD Ortholog 15704
Chromosome of mammal Human chromosome GRCh37 25
Mouse chromosome NCBIm37 22
Clone of mammalian DNA Clone of human DNA Human DNA clone in RIKEN BRC DNA Bank 1454
Clone of mouse DNA Mouse DNA clone in RIKEN BRC DNA Bank 512
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Date last modified 2012-12-10